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Hamburg Steak w/Curry

It really is a feat to cook for ten people. After going about my crazy project of making hamburg steak and curry for about nine friends, I have gained a lot more respect for chefs who make massive amounts of food.
I must say that the prep work was probably the toughest, because peeling potatoes gets really tedious. Good thing I had an extra set of hands in Kaps, who helped me peel while I carved out the eyes. I also chopped carrots, chopped onions, minced garlic, and diced ginger.
The rest of the work was the meat… A whole lot of meat. I must have had about 8 lb of ground pork and beef combined. It was quite difficult to mix in all the other ingredients, especially since I had to do so on a flat surface. Then I had to toss the meat into patties, which I recruited Ninja-Kitty and K-Mart to help do. (We ended up having more than enough patties, so I guess I overestimated…)

That's me, trying to work with my large lump of meat...

The patties were fried afterward, although K-Mart was much better at this than me since I don’t have much experience working with meat. The only other time I made hamburg was with pork, which cooks much faster.
The curry was really fun to make though. I added some oriental curry powder, ginger, and garlic in addition to the curry blocks for a better flavor.
Most of everyone really liked the food, but I’m not proud of it at all this time. Maybe it was my lack of meat experience, or maybe I just sacrificed too much quality to meet my quantity requirements, but I didn’t think my hamburg steak or curry turned out that well. I thought the beef:pork ratio was too high, making it taste more like a typical hamburger than anything else. I should have used more pork and milk to soften the texture… I also wasn’t a very good judge about how well cooked the patties were. The curry was decent, but it’s pretty hard to mess up on that when you’re cooking with the blocks. Well I suppose my unsatisfactory job just means I will have to learn from my mistakes next time!

Finished Product

3 comments on “Hamburg Steak w/Curry

  1. Monkey Man
    October 30, 2010

    first post =D
    but like yeah i gotta agree the meat was alright hehe…yah i got the last 4 pieces in my fridge. Im not that good of a cook myself but like one thing you can do with the curry is like cook it with a lower temp for a longer time (maybe slow cook) cause my mom used to make the same recipe kinda and she did that and the carrots came out really soft and just melted in your mouth =D with the meat, i think you needed more salt and pepper or more random spices to give it more flavor (kinda bland). and it didnt really have the texture a meat you know what i’m saying. i dont know how to really say it but like meat is usually relatively tough and yours just wasn’t soft but like fell apart too easily =P

    idk thats just what i think hope it helps


  2. Madame Fromage
    November 1, 2010

    I just had a little catch-up session (not to be confused with ketchup session) with your blog. Dee-lightful. I loved your write-up on the waffle truck and the photo of the green tea icy sundae. So lovely. I’m curious: do you have a fave pastry shop in Philly’s Chinatown? I’ve tried a few, but I’d love your recommendation.


    • bubblepeachtea
      November 6, 2010

      Well I am embarrassed to admit that I actually haven’t had the chance to try many Asian bakeries here in Philly, although I hear Green Land’s pastries are quite delicious. I think Bread Top House is pretty good too. Hope this helps!


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