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Date Night @Landmark

I took my lovely lady Jan-Jan on a mock date to Landmark Americana (right on the first floor of Drexel’s gym, 34th & Market) and we had a marvelous time. Stress had messed up her appetite over the past week, but the good food at Landmark got her eating again, which was definitely a plus!

Buffalo Chicken Tenders

Jan-Jan loves the Buffalo Chicken Tenders here, so I treated her to a some of that. I also had a bite of it, and found the spicy, vinegary buffalo sauce quite formidable. I probably would have preferred wings though, since I think the bone would help the flavor soak in more. It came with a side of celery and blue cheese dip, a nice complementary sauce.

Seafood Bisque

The Seafood Bisque was blissfully creamy, warm, and savory with little bits of crab meat floating around. It shared many qualities with clam chowder, but had a more seafoody and less heavy feeling. The cup size was Goldilocks perfect, since it was large enough to satiate, but not too large to induce seasickness.

Americana Sundae

But I must say the most epic part of our meal was the dessert: the Americana Sundae. It was soo GINORMOUS that we called Jeu over for an extra stomach. The sundae is meant for 2-4 people, though I think 5-6 would be a more accurate estimation. It came in a huge martini glass topped with loads of whipped cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and fake cherries (which I find yucky, but Jeu likes them). The ice cream flavors were awesome: French vanilla, butterscotch, and CINNAMON! The best flavor was definitely cinnamon, since it has such a memorable and unique taste.

Our Accomplishment

And we obliterated that sundae! At first our waitress seemed doubtful that we would be able to finish, but we gave her a shock when we left that martini glass dry. It was a great stress-relieving treat! I’d love to go back to Landmark sometime just for ice cream, hehe.

2 comments on “Date Night @Landmark

  1. Aneta
    November 6, 2010

    That sundae looks awesome!!!


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