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I Love Japanese Bakeries!

Therefore, I HAD to try out the recently opened Takahachi Bakery, which I facebook-stalked before months before I visited. It’s located by Stuy, so I had a little reunion with fellow Japanese food-obsessor, my Unnie of course!

Matcha Crepe

The Matcha Crepe was extremely adorable, wrapped in newspaper-print paper that was astoundingly clean. Later I realized that the paper was actually of a nice wax paper consistency, which amused me to no end. The crepe didn’t have that strong of a green tea flavor, but it was dusted with matcha powder and filled with a light red bean cream. A creative embodiment of the classic Asian combination.

Orange Wasabi Mousse

The Orange Wasabi Mousse Cake provided a surprisingly beautiful balance of flavors. I tried it based on reviews I read on Yelp and Serious Eats. I have nothing more to say than what everyone else has said: that it was light and heavenly with a refreshing zesty citrus taste that leaves a lingering kick of wasabi.

Green Tea Mousse

I had a bite of Unnie’s Green Tea Mousse Cake, which was very matcha-y, just the way I like it. The green tea was stronger in this than in Panya’s version so I enjoyed it more. I would totally get it next time!

Chocolate Coronet

From the bakery section, I brought back my favorites: CORONETS!!! I don’t know why I love these little hollow bun cones stuffed with ganache and cream, but I just do. I especially love the classic kinds filled with rich dense chocolate ganache with tooth paste consistency. (I understand that comparison with tooth paste does not sound appetizing, but believe me the thickness is just right!) However, Takahachi’s filling more closely resembled cold creamy Beard Papa’s custard, which also worked out pretty nicely. So for those who prefer a lighter cream puff-like cream, these coronets are for you.

Green Tea Coronet

I thought the custard worked better with the green tea. I prefer my chocolate dense, but green tea’s subtle leafy taste is amplified by the custard’s coolness and lightness.

2 comments on “I Love Japanese Bakeries!

  1. tickingsushi
    September 28, 2010

    For some reason…I feel like eating a coronet now….pity theres no real good place in philly or jersey to get one. ._.;


    • bubblepeachtea
      October 1, 2010

      Yes you must eat coronets they are soo delicious!! Keep looking for places, and when you find one… LET ME KNOW!!


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