Adventures in Eating & Cooking

Green Eggs and Pastel Pancakes!

Nothing beats sleeping over with close friends on a Friday night, except waking up the next morning to make brunch with them. It was truly worth the confusing transfer, the long bus ride to Staten Island, and the almost missing our stop. Piles of pillows and laughter bounced back and forth across colorfully-strewn temporary mattresses as we shared freshman stories, rolling on the floor pretending to be Draco Malfoy from AVPM. But enough with the sentimental stuff… let’s get down to the main course!

Flippin' those Pink Pannies

I must say I was quite proud of the pancakes I made, one of the coolest skills I learned from Jan-Jan in college. Although we used Aunt Jemima mix, we riled things up a bit with some food coloring fun and cookie cutter craziness! A few drops of red food coloring turned the first batch pink, which we stenciled with cute Asiany heart-shaped cutters.

Baking Chocolate Chip Pancookies

Blue, green, and yellow were other options. I sprinkled a few chocolate chips onto the yellow ones, turning them into giant chocolate chip pancookies.

Boiling Apple Syrup

Chwis peeled a ton of apples, but they started oxidizing and changing color before everyone else woke up. We ended up boiling the apples in some cinnamon, Asian brown rock sugar, and starch. The hot apple topping served as a great replacement for syrup, although it was light on the cinnamon. Still, I was surprised at how good it came out, considering we were making it from gut feeling as opposed to recipe.

Instant Mashed Potatoes

We cheated on the mashed potatoes, using instant mix Ewicka had lying around the house. But we did scramble some green eggs, which looked kind of nasty but tasted great (hence, why I did not take any pictures of them).

My Green Alien S'mores Pancake

Afterwards we roasted marshmallows at the stove for fun, which gave me inspiration to use the remaining pancake batter to make s’mores pancakes. I just ripped off pieces of marshmallow, spread them on top of the pancake during cooking, and sprinkled some chocolate chips on them. The final product… an alien s’mores pancake.

End Product

Note: Ewicka and I were inspired by Jim’s Pancakes, a sweet dad who makes creative colorful pancake structures for his baby girl. Please check him out on my Blogroll if you enjoyed this post!

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