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My, Crepes are Quite Common in Philly!

The scarcity of good Asian food, my distaste for Mexican food, and my boredom of “American” food left me leaning towards crepes. Lighter and more sophisticated than most other dishes in the area, plus they cater to my sweet tooth. And I’m not the only one who has fallen for this exquisite French pancake wrap. Vanilla and Singer-Dude are also pretty crazed about crepes. In fact, it was Vanilla who introduced me to La Petite Creperie, a specialized crepes cafe hidden within one of UPenn’s buildings (in campus on Spruce & 34th).

Chicken Pesto Crepe

Vanilla and I split a Chicken Pesto Crepe, which turned out a lot bigger than I had imagined. I liked the basil-pesto flavor, if only there was more of it. The veggies were fresh enough, the tomatoes and mushrooms were succulent, but the chicken was a tad tough. I wish the chef hadn’t put a layer of shredded mozzarella on the bottom because it was heavy and milky… doesn’t go too well with the herby, oily pesto. It was a decent crepe, generous in size and taste although not as savory and fresh as La Dominique!

Banana Cinnamon Nutella Crepe

But OMFDG, the oozing Banana Cinnamon Nutella Crepe was awesome! The globs of dark chocolate striped warm nutella was as luscious as it was handsome. It was perfectly paired with the soft, sweet bananas. All this was folded in a crispy chocolate crepe dusted with powdered sugar. If you love the combination of chocolate and bananas as I do, you will love this crepe. The only part missing was the cinnamon spice, which had a very weak presence in the creamy Nutella mixture. Not that the crepe really needed it, but a stronger cinnamon would have added a nice kick.

Although La Dominique’s savory concoctions trump La Petite Creperie’s giant lunch crepes, its dessert crepes are definitely the best I’ve had in the neighborhood. I think I’ll stop by next time when I’m feeling a sugar rush.

2 comments on “My, Crepes are Quite Common in Philly!

  1. Jeu-Hee
    September 7, 2010


    I’m so inspired to start a blog now. But I have no idea on what xD. Keep at it, girl!


  2. Aneta
    November 6, 2010

    😮 NUTELLA!!!!!!!! omg nutella with bananas is so good.


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