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Phirst Philly Cheesesteak & Rita’s

Took a trip to South Street today to try my first Philly Cheesesteak at Jim’s Steaks. I was thinking about going to the famous Pat’s or Geno’s, but Ninja-Kitty suggested Jim’s. The line seemed quite long, but the wait didn’t turn out too bad, approximately 20 minutes. However, when it was finally time to take my order, the guy took only about 2 minutes to slap on the cheese and steak into a sandwich! I suppose long anticlimactic waits are part of the experience.

Assembly-line style

The philly cheesesteak-making process is very assembly-line. The whole long table is basically the metal grill in which the man slaps on massive quantities of chopped up beef, onions, and other essential ingredients.

Philly Cheesesteak

I got my first cheeseteak with provolone instead of cheez whiz, since the thought of eating heavily processed cheese dip did not appeal to me. (I also asked for no onions!) And yes, I ate the whole gigantic sandwich! Ninja-Kitty was very proud of my once in a blue moon carnivorousness.

Cheesesteak Close-Up

I enjoyed it at the spur of the moment. The fact that the meat was finely chopped up really made a difference in terms of flavor. It was quite juicy and appealed to the carnivore in me. However, there wasn’t much of anything else going on for the sandwich as far as seasoning goes. The one part I didn’t like about the cheesesteak was that it left a slightly unfresh bathroomy aftertaste… Ok maybe not bathroomy, but it left me a little queasy. Jim’s was a pretty good first cheesesteak experience, but it taught me that I’m not that much of a cheesesteak person since I’m not that much of a heavy-meat person.

Rita's Water Ice!

Rita’s is absolutely the best chain water/Italian ice that exists! That’s because the ice is consistently smooth, soft, and melted to the point that leaves a cool juicy wetness in the mouth. After trying a few flavors, I decided on mango and island fusion for a tropical getaway themed cup. The island fusion seemed to be a tropical blend with a strong guava taste. Mmm, bring on the South America!!

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