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Apple Dumplings are the Shiz!

Remember my earlier post about the delicious Dutch Eating Place? After chomping through wonderfully warm and fluffy pancakes, I didn’t have the stomach to try a Hot Apple Dumpling, which was my BIGGEST REGRET! But today, I went straight for this apple-packed dessert.

Hot Apple Dumpling

And OMFDG (oh-my-freakin-dessert-god), was it incredible!?! Yes, it definitely was the best dessert I’ve had in Philly so far! Oozing with warm, cinnamony, sugary, apple goo that tasted so luscious in my mouth, this little dumpy pulled a fast one on me. The crust was also unbelievable, with an outer layer of crunch and multiple layers of piping hot dough that mushed together heartily. It wasn’t too thick either, and went perfectly with the apple-pie-filling. The apples used were definitely fresh as I could taste the texture of the virgin fruit untainted by human processing. The apples were concentrated in a clump of sour-sweet applesaucey goodness. This was pure country-style bliss: hearty with a lot of love.

If you love apple pie, you will definitely fall for DEP’s apple dumpling. And even if you don’t love pie that much, dumplings aren’t pies, so you should give these a shot. I’m sure glad I did!

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