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I Want to Eat Everything at Reading Terminal!

Before a long afternoon of volunteering at the zoo, our good friend Seth drove us down to Reading Terminal for some delicious Amish blueberry pancakes at Dutch Eating Place. Quite crowded for a late Saturday morning this vendor had us waiting for about ten minutes before we were seated.

Blueberry Pancakes

After a bite of the delicious blueberry pancakes, I could see why it’s so popular though. As the little girl from Despicable Me said, “It’s so fluffy, I’M GUNNA DIE!” They were very FLUFFY, moist, delicious pancakes topped with a lovely hunk of savory melting butter. (I usually don’t like to butter my foods, but I loved the freshly churned Amish butter.) However, I didn’t like the blueberries inside the pancakes that much. Perhaps it’s because I expected them to be sweeter or juicier, or not so…warm. I thought they took away from the pancakes’ natural awesomeness.

Close Up on Pancakes

I also got a sunny-side up egg as a side, despite the Salmonella outbreak. Dutch Eating Place locally farms its own eggs anyways, so I wasn’t afraid. Even if they did use Salmonella eggs, I love the warm gooey liquidy yolk that spills out too much to not do sunny-side up. And since I can’t stand maple syrup, I dipped my pancakes in the yummy eggy yolk and it was delicious!

Right before we left for the zoo, I wanted to stop by Famous 4th St. Cookies since their cookies are super popular among Philadelphians.

Chocolate Chip Walnut

The Chocolate Chip Walnut was pretty good, with a home-baked taste and a melt-in-your-mouth richness. It was a lot better than Insomnia’s Chocolate Chunk cookie, since it was a little chewier but still soft. The edges were a bit crunchier but the hardness was a lot more consistent, transitioning into chewy and soft smoothly. The chocolate and walnuts existed in the cookie harmoniously, added at agreeable proportions. (Not so much so that it overpowered the cookie, but not too little so the cookie was bland.) However, it didn’t exactly blow my mind away. Yes, it was one of the better cookies I’ve had, but it lacked dark chocolate and salt. Also, the butter might be a bit too heavy for me, but I guess that’s how the classic cookie rolls!

White Chocolate Macadamia

I also tried the White Chocolate Macadamia upon Seth’s recommendation, and was pretty impressed. It’s sooo difficult to come across a cookie containing white chocolate that isn’t too sweet, but 4th St. did it! The white chocolate chips and shiny macadamia nuts were well-balanced so that the cookie had a sweet, milky, nutty taste. Compared with Insomnia’s white chocolate, it’s a very close race. I think I may prefer Insomnia’s, but 4th St. also makes a tough cookie!

3 comments on “I Want to Eat Everything at Reading Terminal!

  1. Peggy Polaneczky
    August 22, 2010

    Hi – FOund you via your comment on my blog. Love your site! Am going to be coming back often when looking for places to eat in NY and in Philly.

    Good luck in your studies at Drexel!


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