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Cold Dishes for a Hot Day

I trekked all the way to Koja to try their Korean food on this humid summer day (and for the cheap Friday special deal), only to find that they were closed for two weeks and reopening on the 15th! Disappointed and without a clue of what else I could eat, I walked around the area a bit more to find that most other food trucks were on a similar vacation schedule…

The hot and muggy weather weighed down on me, as well as my distraught about the lack of Korean food. So I marched over to Koreana, which was a safe bet for some solid Korean food. I asked the lady if they sold Bi Bim Nae Myun (Korean cold noodles, also one of my most favorite dishes), and they did. Good old Koreana!

Bi Bim Nae Myun (before mix)

It was pretty good too, unlike stupid Han Wool’s. There was a good amount of spicy and sweet balance in the red chili paste, making the taste pretty authentic (although it could be spicier). The buckwheat noodles were very thin, chewy, and extremely delicious when mixed with sauce. The cut cucumbers and carrots were refreshing, but the slices of meat were rather tough and gross, like were just taken out of the freezer. Of course they can’t make it like they do in K-Town, but Koreana’s Bi Bim Nae Myun had the right idea.

Bi Bim Nae Myun (Mixed)

Later tonight, Ninja-Kitty and I tried the Franklin Mint Sundae at the Franklin Fountain ice cream parlor in Old City. (We were there for First Friday.) The theme of the place seemed to be vintage American 60s ice cream parlor with sundaes, milk shakes, and floats. It reminded me a lot of Eddie’s Sweet Shop back at home.

Vintage-Styled Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Parlor

However, I didn’t think the ice cream was up to par. For some reason, it tasted slightly icy to me, lacking the creamy smooth denseness of Eddie’s truly classic homemade flare. The marshmallow, chocolate, and mint syrups made nice toppings, but got really gooey, especially with all the whipped cream. I had to dig deeply through the overflowing liquid to get to the ice cream. I usually wouldn’t mind this if the ice cream were truly delicious, but today I felt like a pirate digging for gold only to find a empty treasure chest…

The Franklin Mint

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