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Dining Days 2

After browsing through all the $15 option restaurants, Ninja-Kitty and I decided on La Pizza Rustica, a cute, little Italian cafe across the street from Sang Kee. The place itself was quite nice, with a cozy, Venice-like atmosphere and the lyrics of “That’s Amore” engraved on the walls. The tables were decked with simple red plaid tablecloth. Lighting was from natural sunlight or table candles.

Bruschetta Sampler

My Italian Sampler started off with a Bruschetta Sampler appetizer. Slices of crunchy baguette bread topped with a prosciutto, spiced tomatoes, or olive-infused marinara sauce arranged in blanket of fresh spring mix, this bruschetta was quite delicious. It was easily my favorite part of the meal. (I do enjoy my appetizers!) Although I didn’t like the strong olive taste in the marinara sauce bruschetta, I absolutely loved the cured proscuitto, which was bathed in oil to bring out the rich, spiced meatiness.

Homemade Lasagna

The entree was Homemade Lasagna, which was decent but not really memorable. The noodle-y layers were soft and bland with hardened edges, but I enjoyed digging into the cheesey marinara-ricotta treasure. The beef meatball looked hard and drab from the exterior but had a juicy, meaty core. I can’t say I’ve had much experience with lasagna, but I think I prefer other Italian pastas. This dish also came with more greens drenched in olive oil and sharp provolone slices.


For dessert I got two small scoops of homemade gelato: Chocolate Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Raspberry. They were both alright, although I must say I was a bit let down by the White Chocolate Raspberry. The raspberry chunks were frozen and had an icy texture that does not fit well with smooth gelato. I couldn’t taste the white chocolate that well either. The chocolate gelato was pretty good but there was a huge spoonful of peanut butter at the center. I had a taste of Ninja-Kitty’s Dark Chocolate with Cinnamon & Toffee, which topped both my flavors. The cinnamon spice and toffee bits complemented the smooth dark chocolate quite well.

2 comments on “Dining Days 2

  1. Chris
    August 2, 2010

    Woman, reading your food blog made late for work AGAIN. But it was oh so worth it ;P


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