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High-End Japanese Desserts

Last weekend my awesome little Asia-philic Jan-Jan came with me to NY from Slatington for some epic food adventures and frolic! I decided it was a requirement to share a first experience at Kyoto-fu together. (Ironically enough, I discovered this trendy little dessert bar after my failure dinner at Stecchinos with Athena.)

We split a 3-piece chef’s dessert special and green tea chocolate, each paying $8. It was a hefty sum for dessert, but the quality made it worth every single penny!

Matcha Creme Brulee

First came the Matcha Creme Brulee, delicately flavored with green tea and seasoned with sweetness. It was covered by a thin shell of caramelized crunchy coating, characteristic of truly artisan creme brulee. My only problem was that the cream was slightly thinner than usual and a tad watery, most likely a compromise for the green tea.  This issue didn’t really bother me though, because the flavor totally won me over. I spooned small amounts into my mouth slowly, savoring the creamy sweet matcha that settled on my tongue.

Miso Chocolate Brownie

My favorite was the Miso Chocolate Brownie by far. Surrounded by a moat of salted butterscotch caramel, topped with a dollop of whipped red bean cream, and sheltered by a triangular crisp of black sesame cookie, this beautiful dessert sent a spectrum of sensations down my sensory system. The brownie kept all the qualities of a good brownie: rich, warm, moist… And then there was more: little bits of miso rolled into the batter and crunchy sesame seeds that formed a base added new dimensions to the exquisite dessert. The caramel dip was heavenly, salted to the perfect degree so that it complemented the rich butteriness of the butterscotch. The black sesame cookie was scented lightly with lavender, and the red bean cream tasted just like warm filling in an Asian bun, only with a mousse-like consistency! All these little elements combined, attention to details, and harmony of tastes resulted in the most delicious dessert I had ever eaten yet.

Signature Sweet Tofu

Last but not least came the Signature Sweet Tofu, which was also quite delicious (although the lesser of the three). It was very much like fresh sweet soy milk taking on a chilled, gelatinous form. The smooth jiggly pudding-ness felt nice in the mouth, like a lighter version of panna cotta. It came with a black sugar sauce that tasted like sweet minty herb mixed with honey. It reminded me so much of this Chinese herbal cough medicine called Loquat Extract (枇杷露). Ok, so it sounds weird that I’m comparing a delicious dessert to medicine, but it was really good tasting medicine! (Most Asian kids who grew up on this would agree!)

Fudgy Green Tea Chocolate

The Green Tea Chocolate was also great, although a bit pricey. It was like green tea in awesome gooey fudge state. Blissful. I only wish there was a stronger matcha taste in this and the creme brulee. I feel Kyoto-fu and other Japanese places tend to sweeten green tea desserts more than necessary for people not accustomed to the taste.

Still, Kyoto-fu was such a delightful experience! I feel that words cannot truly capture the joy I derived from consuming such tasty treats. I will definitely be back to try more items on the dessert menu. And I really want to see for myself why Kyoto-fu was voted #1 Cupcake in NYC!

7 comments on “High-End Japanese Desserts

  1. Tickytock
    July 22, 2010

    mmm…things like these are one reason I wanna visit NY to do some food searching. haha. Favorite looking would have to be the Miso Chocolate-brownie, but the Sweet Tofu looks really good too. >,<


  2. Madame Fromage
    July 24, 2010

    Ooo, these look terrific. Great photos!


  3. flights rhodes
    July 27, 2010

    ahhhhhh very good, bookmarked 🙂 keep it up, JusyKassy.


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  7. richard
    March 5, 2012



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