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Starbucks Week Last Day!

After 4 days of consistently eating at Starbucks I’m so relieved that today was the last day!! As much as I love carbs and sweets, I was starting to get sick of eating and drinking it all day… Plus, I found myself questioning, “Why am I doing this when there’s tons of other places to eat in University City!?!? Starbucks is so mainstream!” Well the answer is, as mainstream as Starbucks is, it’s one of my favorite places to sip a drink and read, or share a meaningful conversation and dessert with a friend. For some reason, I focus pretty well in the atmosphere it sets up. Weird, eh?

Anyways today was scone day. (Yay, my fave!) I tried the Cinnamon Chip Scone first, which is ridiculously delicious, tying with the Vanilla Scone for first place. Soft, fluffy, sconey, cinnamony, it was like a perfect cinnamon bun in the form of a scone, which is even better than just a perfect cinnamon bun. It was drizzled with white icing, adding just the right amount of sweetness to the spicy scone.

Cinnamon Chip Scone

The Blueberry Scone fell a bit short because it had less of a sconey consistency and more of a cake-like blueberry muffin consistency. It was a bit more crumbly, less fluffy, and had sugar sprinkles on top that made it too sweet since the scone itself was somewhat sweet.

Blueberry Scone

I also really enjoyed the Greek Yogurt & Honey Parfait, which came in a small cup and some coconutty granola. The yogurt had a ricotta-like consistency, rich and creamy but neither fatty nor heavy. I think the granola and honey portions were relatively small compared to the amount of yogurt, so it tasted a bit plain but all the ingredients were pretty fresh and delicious. Of course you could probably easily make this myself if you bought a tub of Greek yogurt, but if you’re running late for work or school, this is a good buy if you’re in the mood for a parfait.

Greek Yogurt & Honey Parfait

I did not like the Green Tea Latte that much, which is weird since I usually love anything green tea. I thought it was too sweet but left an uncomfortable bitter aftertaste. It was also a bit powdery, suggesting that the matcha did not mix well. This would also explain why I could explicitly taste the warm sweet milk and then the bitter matcha-ness followed. Furthermore, the matcha taste was sort of a one-dimensional bitterness, lacking a rich herbal green tea flavor. Sadly, Starbucks may be one of the only places to get a green tea latte in the neighborhood…

Green Tea Latte

Despite how guilty I felt after trying Starbucks’ Double Chocolate Brownie, it was probably one of the best things on the bakery menu. It was soooo soft, moist, and very rich that it melted decadently in my mouth. The chocolate chunks embedded inside are dark too, making it even more rich and delicious. I was actually quite surprised that such a mainstream cafe like Starbucks had such a classy-tasting brownie whereas I expected it to be overly sweet or dry. It is definitely no ordinary brownie and beat Lily O’Briens brownies by far. The next step would be to add some extra toppings to it, or teaspoon of chili.

Double Chocolate Brownie

I love the Chocolate Banana Vivanno the best. It’s so refreshing, nutritious, and delicious to drink in the morning. For some odd reason, I really like the pairing of chocolate with banana, even more so than I like the pairing of strawberry with banana. (I prefer strawberry-kiwi.) But alas, it definitely has the well-blended smooth consistency of a Starbucks smoothie, which I like a hundred times more than Jamba Juice’s ridiculously thick ones.

Chocolate Banana Vivanno


Best Drink: Green Tea Frappe or Chocolate Banana Vivanno

Best Baked Item: Cinnamon Chip Scone or Vanilla Scone

Best Dessert: Double Chocolate Brownie

*All other foodstuffs like sandwiches, paninis, etc. are bad

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