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Starbucks Week Day 4

Today I tried an Apple Fritter without a clue what actual “fritter” was. Shaped like a caramel turtle, to me the fritter just looked like some glazed pastry dough, or a doughnut without a hole… Indeed, the fritter greatly resembled a cake doughnut (especially in texture), except it didn’t have such a strong doughnut aftertaste, which was a plus. It also had little chunks of apple pie filling woven into the folds of the fritter. However, like yesterday’s Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake, the glaze was way too sweet.

Apple Fritter

I liked the Apple Bran Muffin much better because the bran used in the muffin dough made the muffin rich-tasting and gave it a corn muffin consistency rather than a cake-like consistency. (I prefer my muffins in this manner.) I also enjoyed the slight scents of apple melded in with nostalgic cinnamon spice in. There were little pieces of moist raisins and dried cranberries mixed in and the muffin was topped with a semi-sweet layer of oats. It was a well-engineered combination.

Apple Bran Muffin

I hated the Turkey Bacon Egg White English Muffin. Well first of all, I don’t like bacon and I got it because there was no other option. Second of all, it was painfully bland. I usually prefer egg whites over egg yolks (unless the yolks are runny) because they have a salty proteinaceous taste. However, these egg whites were completely flavorless. The cheese was also flavorless, which doesn’t make sense because if everything else is bland, you should at least use a strong cheese to add pizazz.

Turkey Bacon Egg White English Muffin

I was similarly disappointed by the Roasted Vegetable Panini, which I requested toasted. Despite being warm and filling, this was still bland and I had to pick out the onions. There was also some eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, and possibly some other unidentifiable veggies. I mostly ate it to get my daily dose of veggie vitamins without straying from the diet. It was pretty awful though.

Roasted Veggie Panini

My conclusion is that Starbucks’ “real food” are bad because let’s face it, Starbucks is a cafe that specializes in coffee drinks and baked goods. Furthermore, most of the “real food” aren’t that “real” as they have added preservatives to “maintain freshness” even though they aren’t that fresh either… Yuck, I can’t believe I had to eat that stuff.

The Passion Tea Lemonade (which I again asked for the ice to be blended) showed me that the addition of lemonade really makes a difference. It gave the drink a zesty sourness and extra sweetness, which made the tea so much more refreshing. However, it was still a mediocre drink and the fact that the blended ice congeals in a top layer due to lower density is still annoying. Damn you laws of physics!

Passion Tea Lemonade (Blend the Ice!)

The Treat-Sized Cookies were alright, but not that amazing. I mean they tasted somewhat classier and richer than the average cookie, but lost in texture. The cookies were slightly hard and didn’t have the ease of chewiness that good cookies do. The Peanut Butter Cookie was somewhat superior to the Double Chocolate one since it was chewier and had more salty peanutty flavor.

Treat-Sized Cookies

The Chai Frappuccino led me to conclude that the Starbucks on Chestnut was the better of the two. I had gotten the frappe at the Walnut location this time and it just wasn’t the same because the ice wasn’t blended as smoothly. There were still some chunks that got stuck on the bottom after incessant straw-sucking. I also think it would have been much better without the whipped cream so I scooped most of it out, proving my previous theory that whipped cream only goes well with coffee-based frappes. Insufficient ice-blending aside, chai frappes are one of my faves due to the sweet milkiness and kick of exotic Indian spice.

Chai Frappe

3 comments on “Starbucks Week Day 4

  1. Nicholas
    July 10, 2010

    Jeez, I think Starbucks must love you as a customer :-p


    • bubblepeachtea
      July 11, 2010

      Loll, actually I think the counter ppl think I’m crazy because I always sit down at a table, take pictures of my drinks/food, and scribble comments furiously on the paper bag they give you.

      Anyways, I think I’m going to stay clear of that place for a while since it gave me a tummyache T.T;


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