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Starbucks Week Day 2

Progressing along my Starbucks diet, I decided to try the Tarragon Chicken Sandwich today, although I had no idea what tarragon was but based on the strong distinctive taste the chicken took on, I assume it’s some sort of herb. I didn’t like the strong anise-like flavor that much, and the chicken was a bit dry. However, the sandwich was fresher than I had expected and the whole wheat oat bread was alright. The best part was the addition of cranberries and celery bits, which gave the sandwich tangy and salty dimensions. But for a high price of $5.75, it was totally not worth it.

Tarragon Chicken Sandwich

I also got the Petite Vanilla Scones that day, which were absolutely divine. They were a combination of fluffy biscuit, sweet corn flour, fluffy dough, and tiny vanilla beans embedded inside. The vanilla aroma was slight but sweet, brought out in the glaze. These are probably my favorite Starbucks scones and they’re super-cute to boot!

Petite Vanilla Scone

After 2 I sipped a Soy Strawberry Frappe, reminiscent of the strawberry cream on Strawberry Bits Pocky. That’s a good thing, because I absolutely adore Pocky! However, the flavoring was subtler than I remembered, complemented by the soy and cream. On the bright side, there was no weird aftertaste in the frappe that I remembered was present the last time I tried it (like 3 years ago). And of course, the smoothly blended ice was refreshing on a hot summer day of 100 degrees.

Soy Strawberries & Creme Frappe

2 comments on “Starbucks Week Day 2

  1. B. Yi
    July 8, 2010

    Apparently they changed the recipe for the fraps since they added the soy option. That might be why you don’t have an aftertaste. 😀


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