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Food in St. Mark’s Place

So I FINALLY got to go to Otafuku for some takoyaki that I’ve been DYING to eat. I even called Lenokun to confirm the location and trekked down the avenues to arrive at this destination. During this journey, I passed by two sets of random couples sharing a takoyaki boat. Aww, how cute! And what a sure sign that we were close!!

I was surprised at what a small shop Otafuku was. I had expected it to be small, but I expected seats. This little shop was just a little corridor walk-in order. I kind of liked it though because it totally gave off the atmosphere of Japanese street food. Chwissy and I each got a boat of 6 generously sized takoyaki balls for $5.

Boat of Happy Little Takoyaki

Sitting on the bench in the front of the shop, we enjoyed our delicious octopus balls (in case you didn’t know, takoyaki are basically fried eggy doughy balls with bits of octopus and ginger inside). They are generally topped with okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes that dance and curl as you eat them. This was tons of fun to eat but to be honest, I was slightly disappointed. I just didn’t enjoy the chunks of ginger inside stuffed inside because I sometimes bit into a piece and the gingery taste was overpowering. I would have preferred a subtler flavoring. Based on its rave reviews, I expected these takoyaki to be life-changing but evidently they were not… Although I give it credit for authenticity, I still loved the cheap-ass takoyaki in Chinatown the best.

Mr. Takoyaki, get ready for your close-up.

I have yet to try the okonomiyaki, but Nicholas advised not to get Otafuku’s. Well there are plenty of places to try! Next time, I shall go on an okonomiyaki quest!!

Afterwards we strolled over to 16 Handles for some refreshing froyo!! I got almost a pound of froyo (with so many delectable flavors like red velvet, Irish mint, pomegranate, margarita, banana, and cheesecake) so I was eligible for a card. Buy $5 worth of froyo 8 times and get $3 off next purchase. This card trick seems to be common among froyo shops these days, except usually the deal is a lot sweeter.

Gi-normous cup o' froyo

The completely nonfat flavors were icy and refreshing, resembling delicious Italian ice but lacking in texture. The low-fat flavors were perfect, smooth, soft-serve, not-too-creamy, and especially tasteful. Some are a bit worse than the Red Mango/Pinkberry equivalent, but some are so much better, and some aren’t even on other menus. For example, the best flavor of that day was definitely red velvet. It was so smooth, rich, and sexy! It was so good, I went back to get a cup of ONLY red velvet. Mmmm, froyo coma. The only red velvet froyo that topped this was Yogurtland’s… but again I must reiterate that’s on the other side of the country. So for now, I will stick with 16 Handles!!

Red Velvet

3 comments on “Food in St. Mark’s Place

  1. Nicholas
    July 7, 2010

    I dunno, their okonamiyaki was just kind of floury when I went. Sorry to hear you found giant chunks of ginger in your tako though. That sounds… unappetizing…


  2. dylan
    November 5, 2010

    To relive this Philly style first try out Maru Global for takoyaki. The pizza variety sounds dumb but is wonderful, and their fries (and curry fries!) are great. Then try Tutti Frutti for froyo. They’re the best froyo place Philly in my opinion, but the delicious green tea creampuffs that Small Oven Bakery sells in the back are what really sets it apart.

    Enjoyed reading your blog, keep it up!


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