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Dessert Run Near Union Square

Back in NYC on weekends because I miss my bffs, my city, and my access to all sorts of delicious food! So I was hanging out with my fellow sweet tooth Ewicka, and my not-so-sweet-toothed other friends around Union Square.

Chwissy, who knows too well about my intense love for sweets took us to a mini-cupcake place called Baked by Melissa. I had heard about it before and wanted to go for a while, but I must say the experience was a huge letdown.

I asked for their most popular flavor and the girl at the counter said the Tie-Dye, which was basically vanilla cake with vanilla frosting as the description said. However, it was dyed in appealing colors of red, blue, and green. Fun-looking, but not fun-tasting. It was just plain old cake with artificial-tasting frosting probably injected with tons of artificial coloring to get the result.

Three Mini-Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa

I had also gotten their Red Velvet and Mint Chip, only to be disgusted twice more. The Red Velvet did not taste like red velvet… It had an odd unidentifiable flavor that was unsettling to me. The Mint Chip had okay frosting, since it was minty (at least they got that part right), but the chocolate cake was unflavorful and mushy. Not to mention, the cupcakes were literally bite-sized, and 3 for $3… That was a fail, although it was a sweet thought Chwissy!

And as we were continued meandering around, waiting for our last notoriously late friend, I began rambling about how I wanted to go to Chickalicious or see the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (which I had never seen before, but heard so much good things about). Then, as we were crossing the street something colorful caught my eye and LO AND BEHOLD, it was the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!! I nearly died of excitement and had to confirm with my friends twice that it was the actual truck and not some fantasy generated from my over-imaginative, ice cream-deprived mind.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck!!! *squeals*

The length of the line confirmed that indeed this was the notorious ice cream truck. However, the wait didn’t feel long at all as I was pondering excitedly which flavor to get and whether or not I should ask the ice cream man if he was actually homosexual. I decided against it… But I did greet him with gushing foodie fandom and a request for the Bea Arthur cone.

The Bea Arthur.... Mmmmm

This was basically a generous helping of vanilla ice cream covered in dulce de leche and topped with Vanilla Wafer crumbs. The ice cream was absolutely wonderful, probably the softest soft-serve i had ever eaten! However, I wish there was a higher proportion of dulce de leche since I am a huge caramel freak, and I feel it would have enriched the taste. The crumbs were fun but a bit unnecessary in my opinion. Still, that was one delicious huge cone that brought back memories of my Mr. Softee elementary school years. I had wanted to go back to the truck to get another cone, but my friends restrained me (probably because I was getting a bit sugar-high…) Next time in NY, I want to try the Salty Pimp!

Later we went to 16 Handles, which is a super-crowded, super-delicious, self-serve froyo place by NYU.

I think I am dropping out of the Red Mango/Pinkberry competition as 16 Handles have just completely captured my heart. I think they probably had around 16 flavors to choose some, and I got plenty. I tried the mango, strawberry kiwi, cookies & cream, dulce de leche, chocolate, and berry. I loved the mango, berry, and dulce de leche. The temperature and flavoring enough so that you could really taste it. The only thing 16 Handles can’t beat is Yogurtland in CA (which was the best froyo ever, which I never had a chance to post but omg it was the second best thing I had eaten in Cali!), but it definitely beats everything else so far.

2 comments on “Dessert Run Near Union Square

  1. NinjaKitty
    June 29, 2010

    i like how the unique the ice cream flavors are at the big gay ice cream truck. it’s not surprising that they love bea arthur. she was on the show “the golden girls”!


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