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End-of-Physics Celebration with Pizza!

Powelton Pizza has become a tradition for Pri and me, since we seem to order it every time after a massive Physics exam. And since we just had the last Physics final of possibly our entire lives, this called for a massive pizza party! (Well, okay maybe a medium-sized one since we still have other finals to study for…)

Powelton's Pizza Box

Pri and I ordered a large BBQ chicken pizza (for about $13), which is our undebated favorite. Let me explain why. It’s because the sauce used isn’t actual BBQ sauce. It’s some blend of sweet, marinara-ish, special BBQ-flavoring that embellishes the chicken. In fact, it tastes almost as if the chicken were marinated in the sauce, oozing with flavor. I think also part of the trick is that little tomato sauce is used in the pizza, so that their special BBQ sauce is more prominent.

My only complaint about the pizza is its crust. The crust is bland and bread-ish, which qualifies it as poor pizza crust. And since the BBQ chicken is concentrated so close to the center of the pie, the edges pale in comparison. As I ate my way from the tip of my slice to the crust, I found myself growing bored of the plain cheese on bread at the end. Pri said she also found this a problem, and we both agreed that Powelton should just eliminate its crust and cover it completely with BBQ chicken!

A slice of Powelton's famous BBQ chicken pizza

A slice of Powelton's famous BBQ chicken pizza

Previously we had also tried the chicken pesto pizza, only to find it mediocre. It was a lot less flavorful than the BBQ, although I must say I enjoy the basil-esque taste of pesto. There just wasn’t enough of it. It wasn’t bad, but why order ordinary pesto when you can get mind-blowing BBQ?

I also ordered the pizza fries this time, because I’ve never had them before and always wanted to try them. Since I don’t have prior pizza fries-eating experience, I don’t have anything to compare Powelton’s to. But I must say, if this is what pizza fries taste like, it’s awfully mediocre. The french fries were somewhat bland and potato-ish, which I suppose implies that it is healthier than fries that ooze with oily flavor. They were layered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese, which is not a bad combination but not particularly special either. I think I prefer my marinara and cheese in mozzarella sticks though…

Pizza Fries

Grades: BBQ Pizza gets B+/A-. Pesto gets B-, Pizza Fries gets C+/B-

Conclusion: BBQ Chicken Pizza for the win!!!

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3635 Lancaster Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2603
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5 comments on “End-of-Physics Celebration with Pizza!

  1. Ke Wei
    June 9, 2010

    The BBQ chicken looks amazing. I’ve never seen pizza where the topping covers the pizza without cheese showing through.

    The pizza fries do NOT look amazing. =X Looks like heart attack.


  2. Brian Yi
    June 14, 2010

    Try putting some sriracha on the crust! I think it tastes better that way. 😛


  3. how much should i weigh
    June 16, 2010

    hey whats your myspace page.


    • bubblepeachtea
      June 17, 2010

      Don’t have one =P


  4. Marianne
    June 17, 2010

    Try putting some sriracha on the crust! I think it tastes better that way.


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