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Compilation of Overdue Asian Food Posts

Ok, so bio labs and traveling b/w Philly and NY all the time has eaten a lot of food blogging time so I’m just going to compile a few overdue posts of nostalgic Asian food I had eaten in the month of May.

First up is Mizu, a little Japanese restaurant tucked away in University City, although I heard there was another location somewhere in Center City. Again, I was not impressed, although beat the crap served at Nara by far. I got the spider roll, made with tempura, soft shell crab, cucumbers, and some special sauce I believe. They gave me four pieces of overly crunchy, mediocre pieces. However at that point, I was so sushi-deprived that I didn’t really care. I just gobbled them up as a blood-deprived vampire would drink blood substitute.

Spider Roll

I do believe I am in need of some sushi buffet therapy when I get back to NY…

However I did really like the green tea mochi ice cream we got for dessert. The bittersweet matcha taste of Japanese green tea ice cream cannot be altered by too far, although I suspect the mochi ice cream served was from a box. Nonetheless it was delicious, and I want more!!

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream!!

In another event, Jeu, Ninja-Kitty (new alias for my roomie), and I went to Koreana for jja jung myun, a Korean black noodles dish that I had not had in so long. Jja jung myun is sort of a derivation of the Chinese noodle dish zha jiang mien, which is also made with a black sauce, but they taste completely different. Despite my Chinese pride, I must say I probably prefer jja jung myun since my memories of zha jiang mien were eating the overly-salty ones made by my mother. (Sorry, mom!)

jja jung myun

Anyways, Koreana once again impressed me with its taste, although the flavoring is still on the blander side. I loved the cooling cucumbers, and sweet bean-pasty black sauce. I liked how there were more pieces of cabbage than onions (which I greatly detest). However, the sauce was sort of runny, which leads me to suspect that it might have been diluted.

Lastly, is a review of Ten Ren‘s Taiwanese shaved ice, from a former trip to NYC Chinatown. This was quite a yummy treat although the simplicity of making it was rather disappointing. I probably could make something like this at home if I had an ice-shaver. Furthermore, I think the proportion of ice was a bit big as I would have liked to have gotten more flavoring. The shaved ice was still really refreshing and fun to eat, especially since I was walking around Chinatown Stuy people like old times. I love you guys! However taste-wise I would have preferred the shaved ice in Flushing Mall or pat bing soo from Koryodang.

Taiwanese Shaved Ice

Grades: Mizu gets a C+, Koreana gets a B, and Tenren gets a B/B+

Conclusion: Was not that impressed with the Asian food I had last month, but it sufficed for my deprivation. I can’t wait to eat and blog about some first-rate Asian food!!



Koryodang (see former post)

Ten Ren  (Chinatown location)

3 comments on “Compilation of Overdue Asian Food Posts

  1. Nicholas
    June 6, 2010

    Crap, I didn’t even realize 天仁 had shaved ice! I was trying to explain it to one of my friends when I was in NYC and Koryodang isn’t really the same. As for zha jiang mian, I prefer the Korean kind too… my mom’s was always too salty or too spicy, and I refuse to apologize for saying that :D.


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  3. Linwood Wingard
    November 28, 2012

    Most asian foods are tasty specially those fermented foods. `

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