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16 People + 1 Long Table

Last night J’nell invited me to eat with a group of friends at Philly Diner for MORP night. My initial reaction was MORP!?!? What’s a MORP!?!? Morfing? MMORPGs?? Well, it turns out MORP is simply PROM spelled backwards, in which people dress up nicely for no apparent reason to do something fun.

Well it was quite fun, and the food was average. Well, it was just diner food with its notoriously large portions. When we got there, I was slightly suspicious at how empty the place was, although Soobin told me it was quite packed a few hours ago. We split a Mediterranean Baked Ziti that tasted oddly Italian although I really just wanted to go for the ice cream. (Jeu asserted that ice cream was not dinner, so I caved into eating real food.)

It was a fun little get-together, and I met a lot of friendly funny people, which was nice. Anyways back to the food review…

Mediterranean Baked Ziti

The ziti was huge as I had mentioned, and this was the first time I had ziti. I usually don’t eat pasta, as I am Asian and tend to eat noodle soup or stir-fry instead. (One day, I hope to have eaten and distinguished among all types of pastas though.) My favorite part about this dish was probably the garlic bread, because I love crunchy, garlicky, buttery bread. This is kind of strange because I usually don’t like buttery bread, but this time I appreciate it. For me the chicken was extremely tough and unchewable, so I ended up spitting it out. Soobin had no problem chomping at it though, but I guess she has stronger teeth. As a foodie I disapprove of the quality and misleading name. It tasted Italian, if anything.

After the meal, we all took a bunch of silly pictures, chatted, and walked back in horrendous heels. Although the food wasn’t memorable, I’m pretty sure everyone agreed it was a memorable night. MORP is definitely going to become a great tradition, although I’m thinking we could try a different restaurant next time.

Location: Map

3901 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3608
(215) 382-3400

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2 comments on “16 People + 1 Long Table

  1. Sameer
    June 6, 2010

    I actually went there yesterday morning for breakfast.. i got the strawberry crepes.. it wasnt that good.. the pancake was tough and kind of stale =/…

    and morp is the name of one of my high school dances where everyone gets dressed up insanely crazy-like.. the dress code’s a mix of rave and retro…


  2. I'm a Little Teapot =D
    June 6, 2010

    Have to agree with ya and sameer. Me and my friends wanted to go to a diner so I took them there. They didn’t like it at all =/. It was worse than the Hans, but maybe they don’t make good breakfast food. Honestly, its a sad excuse for a diner, but then again Jersey is known for its diners. In the end, its having fun that matters right? Have ya tried Savas? Friends went there and they said it was the best pizza they had in a really long time (although I know it probably doesn’t compare to those in that wasteland where you’re from =D)


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