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Spring at Naked Chocolate

It’s never too hot for chocolate, especially not for some frozen drinking chocolate at Naked Chocolate, which we have been dying to try since the middle of winter. It was beautiful, but unfortunately not as great as it looks.

Frozen Drinking Chocolate

The chocolate lacked sweetness and had an odd consistency. Its texture resembled a poorly blended frappucino’s, with gritty bits of shaved ice. Godiva’s Chocolixir beats this by far. Thank goodness we ordered it with whipped cream on top because it partly made up for the poor drink. The biscuits that came with the drink were probably the best part though. They were thin and slightly chewy yet flaky inside… a bit like a chewy croissant.

Honestly I think I would have prefer my Naked Chocolate drinking chocolate hot, which I would have asked for, if it were not 70 degrees outside. Actually, I think I would prefer that despite the warm weather.

However, I must comment the service that particular day was very friendly. The workers were trying to figure out how to describe the taste of a cannoli so one of them put on a sign that said: “Free cupcake for anyone who can explain cannoli.”

Naked Chocolate's New Cannoli Cupcakes! Have not tried them yet, but I hope to sometime.

Since Jeu had never had anything from Naked Chocolate, I took on this challenge! Initially I forgot what cannolis taste like since I had not eaten one for about a year, but the guy gave me a second try after I thought it through. Using my food blogging skills, I wrote: “lightly whipped with mousse/tiramisu-like texture, but tastes like sweet vanilla cream with a hint of Italian flavor”… or something like that. But it worked!!! My friend picked out a black-and-white cupcake, which I noticed had increased in size since winter.

Black & White Cupcakes, now larger in size!

Grade: B- drinking chocolate, but A for making Jeu’s day!

Conclusion: Meh… I think I’ll wait for it to rain so I can get the hot chocolate instead… And maybe try one of their more high-class chocolate desserts.

Location: Map

3401 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228

(215) 222-3710

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