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Red Ribbon Bakery Cake

Apparently, Red Ribbon Bakery is a famous Filipino chain bakery here in California. Pri said they were famous for their cake, so I got a slice of Pandan Macapuno for about $2.50. I was mostly attracted by the springy lime-green color, and intrigued by the description: “pristine white chiffon covered in pandan (sweet Asian herb) -flavored cream made more inviting with sweet coconut strips.”  I was very curious about the pandan.

Slice of Pandan Macapuno

I really liked the cake because it was soft, spongey, layered with light cream, all the characteristics of the typical Asian bakery cake. However, unlike most Asian bakeries that tend to make their cakes on the blander side, Red Ribbon did not sacrifice flavor for texture. In fact, it had a nice refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness, probably thanks to the pandan. The only part I didn’t like about it was the white cream on top, since it was rather tasteless and fatty-feeling. I think it was mostly piped on for decoration, which is totally unnecessary for such a cute-colored cake!

They also had really good traditional polvorone, a very crumbly shortbread traditionally eaten in the Philippines and other predominantly Spanish areas.

Grade: A-/A

Conclusion: Second best Asian bakery ever, next to Koryodang!

Location: Map

447 Great Mall Dr,
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 941.1061

Other Opinions: Yelp

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