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Cupcake Truck Revisited!

Philly’s Buttercream Cupcake Truck decided to stop by Drexel’s Dragon statue today from 11AM-3PM (I guess no luck at Penn since they’re on spring break =P), so I decided to give it another chance after my previous bad experience. Plus, I have to write an article about speciality cupcake trucks in Philadelphia for Table Matters‘ next cake issue.

Anyways, point is I revisited the cupcake truck… and found the cupcakes much more satisfactory this time around! In fact, I was quite pleased with my three cupcake orders, and the $1-for-first-cupcake-with-student-ID deal.

My 3 cupcake purchases.

I was not impressed by the nutella frosting on the banana cupcake. It was way too sweet and had only the faintest hint of hazelnut but the banana cake was very good. However, the overall balance of the cupcake was pretty good because the banana was not too sweet. I would have preferred if the cake were a bit more moist, because it would give more of a fruity-banana feel. Still, it was good cake, and definitely made from fresh bananas as I could see the little wisps of banana seeds embedded inside.

Banana Cupcake w/Nutella Frosting

I dared myself to try the red velvet cupcake again and actually enjoyed it very much this time. The cake wasn’t underbaked, hallelujah!!! Rather, it encompassed the perfect balance of moisture. It beat the cake-mix cupcakes this time, possibly Martha’s, and definitely Two Little Red Hens although Pinisi from NYC is still closest to the ideal red velvet. However, these truck cupcakes aren’t as far from it as I had thought. The cream cheese frosting was still on the sweeter side, but a lot milder than the nutella, and lighter on the cream cheese flavor. It would be amazing if Kate (the Cupcake Lady) toned down on the sugar.

Red Velvet Cupcake

The chocolate cupcake w/peanut butter frosting was great. I loved the frosting because it was balanced in sugar level: A little bit of salty savoriness, a little bit of rich butteriness, and a bit of sugar, all whipped up nice and airy. The cake itself was very rich, and I noticed the website menu states that it is made from Ghiradelli cocoa, which is probably what makes the difference. I thought it was better than the chocolate cupcake I bought from the truck last time, so I’m wondering if Kate had recently switched to the Ghiradelli. My only complaint is that the richness of the chocolate made the cake feel dry after eating it for a while. (Or perhaps I just probably shouldn’t have scarfed down all three cupcakes at once…)

Chocolate Cupcake w/Peanut Butter Frosting

Grade: B+/A-

Conclusion: A stellar comeback for the cupcake truck! I’m glad I decided to give it another chance, and I’m excited that Buttercream will be making Drexel a permanent stop, so expect to be hearing more about it. My main problem is that the frosting is still on the sweeter side, although the cakes were a lot btastier this time. I’ll have to check back to make sure that last time really just a bad batch.

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