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Late-Night Cookie Study Party

Ok, here’s an overdue post on Insomnia Cookies, an awesome open-late cookie order-delivery service near many college campuses:

So two weeks ago when we were all working on our novel-length bio labs and cramming for exams, we decided to order some. It’s fairly simple to place an order. Just create an account on the website, select the college campus closest to you, and fill out an order form. It usually takes about 45 minutes since all the cookies are freshly baked, but they’re pretty worth the wait!

And they came…in a pizza box!! I guess that kind of fits their whole “we deliver” theme.

Insomnia Cookies pizza box

A few friends and I ordered in a group since Insomnia tends to have deals like buy 10 get 5 free, which is pretty good considering each cookie is $1. Kev said that they tend to mess up on the orders, but this time they had it down perfectly! I’ll have to order a few more times to confirm if that really is the case.

Insomnia Cookies!!

Pri and I shared a Coconut Pecan, a new cookie. It was somewhat crunchy and coconutty on the outside, but chewy on inside. Very nutty as well… It was alright and definitely tasted fresh and warm. I don’t have much other comment on this one.

Coconut Pecan cookie

I tried my Snickerdoodle next, because I’ve never eaten a snickerdoodle before (unless you count the free sample at Costco). According to Wikipedia, it’s basically a sugar cookie with added cinnamon flavor. When I bit into my snickerdoodle, I thought it tasted just like a sugar cookie, only with a slight cinnamon flavor. The edges were crunchy but the interior was soft and chewy. The cookie itself was rather thin.  I thought it was pretty enjoyable, but I didn’t like the eggy taste in the center that plagues most sugar cookies. You know the weird generic doughy, slightly artificial taste of ready-to-bake sugar cookies? I liked them more than the Coconut Pecan, but I wonder how it is in comparison with the Sugar Cookie. I think I will order both next time to do a comparison.


I tried the White Chocolate Macadamia next, which was my favorite of the night. Very soft inside, crunchy on outside (it seems all Insomnia cookies have this characteristic). The white chocolate chips were well-balanced within the cookie: not too sweet (which tends to be the problem of most white chocolate macadamias), but not too bland. I thought there was also some shredded coconut bits within the cookie, which gave it a chewy crunchy consistency to balance out the intense soft/rich texture. The nuts were rich and savory, creating a nice balance. against the white chocolate. Insomnia’s white chocolate macadamia seems to beat most I’ve tried, and I would order this again.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

The Chocolate Chunk was slightly disappointing. The chunks were on the large side and too unevenly dispersed for my liking. They were definitely semisweet chocolate pieces, but did not taste special. In fact, the cookie was rather generic aside from being freshly baked. Still the same crunchy-soft consistency throughout. It was overall a good cookie at a decent price, but not memorable at all. I don’t think I would order this one again.

Chocolate Chunk Cookie

Overall I was pretty satisfied with my cookies. My biggest complaint is that they lacked volume in flavor and probably need some salt for balance. Also the cookies are really soft if you eat them right away. I found that leaving them for a while was actually better, since it gave them a chewier texture.

Grade: B/B+

Conclusion: Pretty good. I like the convenience of delivery so I added points for that. Decent price. Decent cookies, but I bet I could find better at mom-&-pop bakeries elsewhere, but for finals week I will just have to settle.

Location: (You should probably just order through its website, but just for fyi)

3417 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4298
(215) 387-2005
Other Opinions: Yelp

3 comments on “Late-Night Cookie Study Party

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  2. Vinu
    April 20, 2010

    the torture you’re putting me through right now with all this food is insane….im going to go make another snack and pretend it’ll taste as good as these cookies


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