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KTown Sweets

When I received my “buy one new Red Mango Chocolate, get another one free” coupon in my Email, I was really excited to come back and try it, so I met up with some friends in KTown for a food quest!

New Chocolate flavor with chocolate sauce & strawberries. Caution: Looks a lot better than it tastes.

But honestly, I was massively let down by Red Mango’s chocolate flavor… It didn’t even taste like chocolate! It tasted strangely like coffee powder. I was DISAPPOINTED!!! Pinkberry’s chocolate that came out a two months ago is far superior. It actually tastes rich and chocolatey. I used to think Red Mango beat Pinkberry by far, especially since its Original tastes a lot better. But recently, Pinkberry seems to have the upper hand in new flavors. Its chocolate, coconut, and passion fruit are a lot better than Red Mango’s chocolate and tangomonium.

Since it was really cold last night, and we got even colder from eating froyo, we decided to hide in Koryodang for warmth. Ahhh, good old Koryodang, my favorite Asian bakery in the city. I looked for my usual chlorella and chocolate coronet…BUT THEY WERE GONE!!! I guess it was too late, so most of the good stuff were sold out. It was very upsetting…

However, theere were still some $1 macarons left. I got the green tea , which hands down is the best macaron flavor Koryodang has. I also tried the lemon and the fudge ones. Not bad… Surprisingly, I really like the lemon one. The zesty flavor was refreshing, and the light sandwiched lemon cream complemented the gooey wafers very well.

Refreshing Lemon Macaron

The fudge was also quite delicious, far surpassing the chocolate macaron I got at Koryodang last time. The wafers were crispy on the outside, but rich and fudgy inside, with a center of milky ganache. Oh, the brilliance of Koryodang!

Fudgey Macaron

Grade: Red Mango C+, Koryodang A

Conclusion: Disappointed by Red Mango’s cocoa. Still in love with Koryodang, though I suggest going there earlier in the day for fresher stuff and more variety.

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