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International House of Pancakes

I had no idea that IHOP stood for International House of Pancakes… but I did know that they have a name for serving some darn good pancakes, and boy were we in a mood for pancakes!

So last weekend my suitemates and I went to IHOP on Walnut St. for some delicious breakfast that kept us filled up for the whole day! I ordered a Pancake Combo with chocolate chip pancakes, sunny-side up eggs, hash browns, and sausage links. Ahhh, a classic American breakfast that I had never truly experienced before.

The chocolate chip pancakes were the best! I truly understand why IHOP is famous for the pancakes. The pancakes themselves were chocolate-flavored on top of being delightfully fluffy, which made it a hundred times better than I had expected. The chips were warm, rich, and slightly melted so there were bursts of chocolate in each bite.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes!! with delicious whipped topping

The hash browns were also great. They were fried to have a crunchy crisp exterior, with soft potato on the inside. It wasn’t like mashed soft, or mushy soft, but a fair soft. They slightly reminded me of latkes, or potato pancakes. I suppose that’s why IHOP’s hash browns were good too, since it was basically a potato pancake.

Eggs were…meh, on less-than-average side. Honestly, I like my parents’ sunny-side up eggs a lot better. Even Drexel’s dining hall’s scrambled eggs beat IHOP’s, which is really saying something… Sausage links were pretty savory, but got too salty after a while.

My suitey got the French Toast, which she enjoyed with the maple syrup. Although she admitted that it was not as good as IHOP’s pancakes.

French Toast Combo

Lesson to be learned from this trip: Anything related to pancakes at IHOP is delicious! Everything else…probably pretty average.

Grade: B, but pancakes are around B+

Location: Map

1320 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-5410
(215) 732-1726

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One comment on “International House of Pancakes

  1. Cher
    February 13, 2010

    OH man, you know, I spoke to Ke and Dani about IHOP and they’re like theres no IHOP around here and I was so upset cause IHOP has mad pancakes.
    I love the chocolate chip banana pancakes and you should try it when you get to IHOP again =D

    we have to find an IHOP in NYC =/


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