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The Maxwich

When my roomie came to visit NYC a few days ago, the first place I took her to was Max Brenner, because no one makes chocolate the way the bald man does!

I’ve been a pretty big fan of Max since my Fatass Buddy introduced it to me the summer of my sophomore year in high school. However, I admit that there are many small chocolateries tucked away in the corners of NYC that far surpass the more mainstream Max. Nonetheless, Max Brenner is not famous without a reason: his chocolate fondues and creative chocolate dishes are quite captivating.

I ordered the Maxwich, described on the menu as “decadent dark chocolate ice cream & pure chocolate chunks hugged between old-fashioned very rich chocolate cookies and drizzled with a boost of pure chocolate” (Max Brenner).

The Maxwich

It sounded mind-blowing, and looked mind-blowing as well, served on a plate that looked like a sheet of looseleaf. However it was not mind-blowing… The Maxwich was amazing when I first bit into it, but the bottom line is…it was just chocolate on chocolate.

The dark chocolate ice cream was rich like dark truffles and creamy like ice cream. In other words, delicious. However, the chocolate-chip chocolate cookies were pretty average. Plus, they were too thick, which took away from the delicious ganachey ice cream. Half the time, I opened the Maxwich and ate it like an oreo, disposing of the top layer of cookie.

Close up on the Maxwich

The whole experience left me in a half-chocolate coma. I think the Maxwich could be greatly improved if the cookies were thinner, softer, or less chocolatey. (I overheard a guy next to me asking if the Maxwich could be served with chocolate chip cookies instead of just chocolate, which would have be a great idea had the waittress not refused.) Or perhaps if more variation of chocolate flavor was used (like milk chocolate on dark chocolate, or salted chocolate on sweet chocolate…)

My roomie enjoyed her Tutti Frutti Waffle, though she said the waffles tasted doughnutty… I had a bite and thought that crepes would probably have been better. It’s too bad they took the Munchies Waffle off the menu…

Tutti Frutti Waffle

Grade: B+

Conclusion: Great ice cream and ganache topping, but expected a better cookie from Max Brenner, especially since Serious Eats voted its Chocolate Chip cookie one of the best in Midtown… I think their best is the fondue and crepes.

Location: Map

841 Broadway (14th street/Union Square)
New York, NY 10003

(212) 388-0030

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