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NYC Cupcake Truck!

Since my finals are over now, I’m here in NYC for three weeks of winter break!! Woot!! A lot of catching up to do in terms of both people and food. Just yesterday, I was visiting some friends at CCNY Baruch right on the day the Cupcake Stop truck stops by. (How convenient!)

Cupcake Stop, the cupcake truck in NYC.

Cupcake Stop, the cupcake truck in NYC.

I could not resist stopping and staring, so Oniichan suggested we picked up some cupcakes to go! So I got two minis for a dollar each: red velvet since it’s my favorite and Oniichan recommended it, and triple chocolate because just the name. Coincidentally, these were also the two flavors I had chosen from Philly’s Buttercream cupcake truck.

I thought both cupcakes were quite good, but not amazing, in the sense that I would eat them again, but I wouldn’t have cravings for them…or go out of my way just to get them.

Oniichan was right that the red velvet was the better cupcake compared to triple chocolate. It was also much better than Buttercream’s red velvet because it was thorougly baked.The frosting tasted pretty good– not too sweet, not too heavy, but a moderate and happy frosting. However, I was slightly disappointed at the lack of cream cheese flavor in the frosting.

Red Velvet mini from Cupcake Stop

The triple chocolate also had a stronger frosting than cake. It tasted a lot like Buttercream truck’s chocolate/chocolate cupcake because they were both chocolatey, and had thick rich frosting. Which one was better? I couldn’t really tell… They were both decent.

Triple Chocolate mini from Cupcake Stop

Triple Chocolate mini from Cupcake Stop

Grade: B

Conclusion: I don’t understand what the new hype over cupcake trucks are… The cupcakes are not that good… I feel like part of the reason for their popularity is just the originality of the idea of having a truck that sells cupcakes. Personally, I’d rather go to a bakery that make oh-so-delicously-unforgettable cupcakes for around the same price. Of course, I would gladly grab a cupcake or two from the truck when I’m on the go!

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