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Cupcake Truck [Very Overdue Post]

Ok, so I know I haven’t updated in a realllllllly long time, so I’m really sorry to any of my faithful readers or browsing foodies. My excuse is that I got sick, went back for Thanksgiving, and then had papers and finals to do. Anyways, enough MLIA, back to business with…. THE PHILADELPHIA CUPCAKE TRUCK!!!

The Cupcake Truck, taken by me while I was waiting on the excruciatingly long line. Kind of looks like an ice cream truck doesn't it?

My roomie had heard about a cupcake truck that travels around in Philly, so we looked up its locations and found that it stops at 34th and Walnut right by Penn’s campus every Wednesday. It was then that we knew it was fate…we had to try those cupcakes!

The rule is that you can order up to only 6 cupcakes (I suppose this is to prevent running out), so our suite looked at the online menu and I took everyone’s orders. That Wednesday, I trekked down to Penn’s campus during the hour between my two classes to find quite a line building up…and it had only been ten minutes since the truck opened.

It was a cold Wednesday, and I was being whipped by wind while waiting in line for 30 minutes… These better be some damn delicious cupcakes, I thought. When it was finally my turn, I excitedly spun out the orders that I had plenty of time to practice for in my head. The cupcake lady just took out the cupcakes and placed them in a plastic box, the kind that supermarket cupcakes are kept in… The whole process took about 5 minutes. Anticlimactic.

These were the cupcakes we had gotten. Starting from the top left and working across: vanilla/vanilla, chocolate/chocolate, red velvet, vanilla/chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, and another red velvet.

As I was walking back to the dorm, it began to drizzle. No!! I had to protect the cupcakes! So I rushed back to the dorm through all the wind and rain to store those cupcakes. There was fifteen minutes left until class by the time I had gotten back, but I wanted to reward myself for all I had to go through for those cupcakes, so I tried the red velvet, my favorite.

Red Velvet Cupcake

I was not incredibly impressed. The red velvet was pretty good, but I definitely had much better ones at Pinisi, and even Martha’s. Of course, the cake was very moist, with a nice doughy mooshy texture. But the center was a bit wet, leaving me suspicions of underbaking. The cream cheese frosting was very whipped and light, which I liked, but it was on the sweeter side. I sensed only a hint of cream cheese buried within a sweet vanilla-tasting frosting. Comparing it to the red velvet cake my suitemates made from a box for my birthday two days ago, I think the Betty Crocker cake mix was better.

Later I tried the chocolate with chocolate frosting. I liked this one better, but it was still not up to par with some of the other cupcakes I’ve had. The chocolate cake was moist and rich, and the frosting was thick and chocolatey… But there wasn’t anything special other than the homemade chocolateyness.

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Well if anything, I would say what impressed me most about the cupcakes was that they were aesthetically pleasing, especially with the colorful sprinkles (which matches the truck’s sprinkles design). But the bottom line is, we taste with our tongues and not our eyes. That is why I don’t think the 30-minute wait in the cold was worth it.

Grade: B-

Conclusion: Decent cupcakes, but NOT WORTH IT!! Honestly, I don’t understand why the lines are that long anyways…Is it the fact that it’s a truck that gets people hyped up? Because it certainly should not be the cupcakes. Well at least the prices were good: $2/cupcake.

Location: Varies

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