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Stuff from Starbucks

Sadly enough, probably the best place I could swipe my school ID for food is the Starbucks on Drexel’s campus, so I often go there after Physics with my friend Resh. As strange as this sounds coming from a food-o-phile, I could be pretty calorie-conscious sometimes, especially at Starbucks since they list their nutrition facts (which in my opinion  is both a good and bad thing).

But I decided to splurge a little and get a creme-based green tea frappe. I love practically all of Starbucks frappes. I mean, I usually hate drinking coffee, but the sweet and creamy blends Starbucks make are absolutely irresistable! I liked the green tea frappe, although I thought the nice tea aroma was not strong enough. I suppose I just enjoy a richer green tea taste. The frappe was still cold, smooth, and sweet, with a hint of green tea. My only complaint is that there are always a few bits of ice inside the frappe that doesn’t get blended. I guess this is the downside of an express service.

Mmmm, creamy green tea frappe.

Mmmm, creamy green tea frappe.

I also wanted to see how perfect their perfect oatmeal is. It turned out to be not-so-perfect, but a major improvement from instant oatmeal. I hate how instant oatmeal tends to be runny, whereas Starbucks’ oatmeal was warm, chunky, and viscous. Still, it wasn’t very impressive, especially not for $3. Word on the street is that Jamba Juice’s oatmeal is a lot better, but I have yet to try it.

Kind of Average Perfect Oatmeal

Kind of Average Perfect Oatmeal

And another thing I have to mention: The seasonal hot pumpkin spice lattes are amazing!

Grade: A- frappe, B- oatmeal, A pumpkin spice latte

Conclusion: When at Starbucks, order drinks, not oatmeal.

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Philadelphia, PA 19104
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(215) 895-6209

3 comments on “Stuff from Starbucks

  1. thelazyperfectionist
    October 25, 2009

    Creamy puffy! It’s me, your Danishee! Finally decided to comment instead of being just some creeper who stalks your blog via RSS feed =D

    Anyway, yeah I remember you saying something about how Starbuck’s strawberry and creme frappe was really good (like 4 years ago LOL) so I went and tried it and it was! Too bad I still fell asleep though =/

    Oh and I also REALLY hate when blended drinks have bits of ice cause, even though they’re nice to chew on sometimes, I prefer blended drinks to still be smooth. So when I order, I always ask for extra blending and then the drink is all nice and yummy xP


  2. Cher
    February 13, 2010

    omg crazy. The only thing I drink in Starbucks is Green tea frappucino Skinny cause too much whipped cream gets to me but in general green tea frappucino is WIN!!!!

    Girl, if you like Green tea frappucino, I don’t know if you EVER tried Jamba Juice’s Green Tea Blast. Insane. INSANE. It tastes JUST LIKE MILKY GREEN TEA ICE CREAM… Just… YOU CAN DRINK FROM IT FROM A STRAW. Yeah. You gotsa. Since yo’re a jamba juice eating oatmeal I suggest Green Tea Matcha Blast if you haven’t already.



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