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Macarons at Koryodang!

My favorite Asian bakery of all time is probably Koryodang, the infamous, slightly-more-expensive-than-usual Korean bakery. Naturally, I couldn’t resist a visit on my trip back to the city, so I dragged a bunch of my friends with me after KTV (karaoke) in K-Town.



I was thrilled when I noticed $1 macarons (traditional French wafer-like cookie filled with ganache) on display in the pastry section. Enticed by the price and selection, I knew I had to buy a few.

Macaron Display

Macaron Display

I started off with the chocolate macaron because that’s the only flavor Danishee didn’t dislike. (This way we could share!) It was average. I really liked the puffy cookie part that was slightly flaky and crumbly on the outside but chewy gooey on the inside, as the wafer part of the macaraon should be. The more you chewed on it, the more gooey and sweet it got! What I didn’t like was the ganache filling. It was ridiculously airy and light, like chocolate whipped cream. It had no taste, which didn’t make sense because chocolate, especially chocolate ganache, is supposed to be rich, so it was rather disappointing.

Chocolate Macaron

Chocolate Macaron

Next came the green tea macaron. This was definitely the best out of all three macarons I bought. I suppose it was expected because Koryodang is an Asian bakery and thus would have authentic green tea flavor. And naturally green tea is very popular among the frequent Koryodangers and the frequent Asians in K-Town. When bitten into, the cookie mooshes into a mesh of green tea goodness. The flavor was nice and strong, but the taste was still sweet. The ganache blended incredibly well with the gooey part of the wafer creating a core of aromatic tea filling. It was amazing.

Green Tea Macaron

Green Tea Macaron

Last I tried the raspberry macaron. This was also quite delicious. The filling was a layer of raspberry preserve and another layer of cream. The preserve definitely consisted of a heavy raspberry flavor. This dampened the taste of the cookie and cream. However, I still enjoyed the burst of raspberry and macaron texture.

Raspberry Macaron

Raspberry Macaron

I also brought some delicious breads/buns to take with me back to Philly, which I ate a few days later. My favorite of all time is the chlorella (a type of traditional Korean green tea bread apparently named after an algae). Stuffed with rich green tea-scented cream cheese in a soft green bread dotted with dried cranberries, this bread is odd but heavenly. The outside of the bread is slightly crunchy topped with a piece of sugar and caramelized walnuts. What never ceases to amaze me is how good the green tea cream cheese is. It maintains the sour creamy goodness of normal cream cheese, but has a strong flavor of hojicha (deliciously roasted Japanese green tea).

Green Tea Bread

Chlorella! (green tea bread)

Green Tea Bread Innards!

Chlorella Innards!

Grade: A- macarons (I averaged the grade), and A for the chlorella!

Conclusion: Green tea flavored stuff at Koryodang rocks!! And I love its new cheap delectable macarons.

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31 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001-3801
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(212) 967-9661

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7 comments on “Macarons at Koryodang!

  1. Kevs
    October 22, 2009

    wow, that looks delicious 😀

    buy me some


    Jesus, isn’t this a rather expensive hobby? Purchasing tons of food all the time?
    I recall you getting multiple meals at one restaurant?

    Maybe I should go with you, so you can order and taste as many things as you’d like… and I’d eat them all 😀


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  3. Cher
    February 13, 2010

    KORYODANG!!! seriously whenever you’re in town, and nearby Koryo gimme a call girl. Cause i live nearby! and THE GREEN TEA CREAM CHEESE! OMG!!!! I found someone who loves it as much as I do!!!! that crazy ppl usually go EWW greentea? On top of that…. cream cheese?!?!? and Im like OMFG it’s AMAZING R U KIDDING?

    SOOO sad that when we went today it wasn’t there SO SO SO SAD.

    =( maybe tomorrow muahahahah.


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