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Martha’s Cupcakes

Last week I got a part-time job as a substitute writing/literature teacher at a prep school in Forest Hills. It was a great learning experience, as well as just a great experience overall. I had a lot of fun being authoritative and humiliating the troublemakers. Alright, so what is the point of this story? Well, since I had to work from 9-3 with a lunch break in between, I couldn’t exactly go home to eat lunch. Instead, I took this wonderful opportunity to explore some of the places to eat in Hills (although I’m sorry to say most are overpriced and not exactly amazing).

However, I do like the quaint little country bakery across from the prep school: Martha’s Country Bakery. It has tons of cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, gelato (seasonal), pudding, and all those other sweet little goodies. You can also choose to sit at the little cafe-like tables in the back and wait to be served (and the cool part is that I don’t think you need to pay tip!).


Martha's Country Bakery Store Front

I decided to get Martha’s cupcakes first, since they looked so tantalizing in the store window, and also because they’re only $2 each. I ordered the red velvet (my favorite!) and black & white (couldn’t choose between chocolate and vanilla) cupcakes. The waittress/cashier served me with a cute drizzle of chocolate and strawberry syrup on the plate.


Red Velvet Cupcake (left) and Black & White Cupcake (right)

The red velvet cupcake was delicious! Slightly chocolatey and fluffy lathered with a dollop of cream cheese frosting. Sprinkled on top were some red velvet crumbs.

Close-Up on Red Velvet Cupcake

Close-Up on Red Velvet Cupcake

I liked Martha’s red velvet cupcake better than the one at Pinisi’s 2nd location (I reviewed it in my previous post), but not as good as the one at Pinisi‘s original 1st location. The frosting was not as overwhelming and the cake’s texture was fluffier and spongey-er. It was also a bit more moist than the Pinisi 2nd location red velvet cupcake.

Close-up on the cupcake's soft slightly spongey texture.

Close-up on the cupcake's soft slightly spongey texture.

Martha’s black & white cupcake was also pretty good, though not as amazing as her red velvet. First off, I did not like the fake cherry that tasted like cough medicine, so I plucked it off immediately. However, there was still a bit of fake cherry juice left around the indent where the cherry was, which made that area taste slightly like cherry cough medicine. Aside from that, I liked how the cake itself was golden and fluffy (more so than the red velvet). The frosting was also pretty good: not overwhelming, and truly capturing the essence of both vanilla and chocolate on one cupcake.

Close-Up on Black & White Cupcake

Close-Up on Black & White Cupcake, with leftover yucky cherry stuff around...

And another thing: last time I came here, I got bread pudding, which was not appetizing at all. It was basically a glob of gelatinous substance with a crunchy bready top and another fake cherry… I strongly recommend going for the cakes or brownies, but not bread pudding.

Grade: B+

Conclusion: Thank goodness that there’s actually a pretty darn good cupcakes/sweets place near my house. I would definitely come back here to try other things (but not the bread pudding)! Maybe next time, I’ll get gelato!

Location: Map


7030 Austin St
Flushing, NY 11375-4723

(718) 544-0088

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