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New Flavors at Pinkberry!

As many of you probably know, yesterday Pinkberry was giving out free small cups + 2 toppings to promote its new flavors: coconut & passion fruit. So naturally a bunch of us poor, just-graduated-from-high-school teenagers would take advantage of this opportunity! We weren’t the only ones though. The line was huge, reflecting the immense popularity of frozen yogurt these days.

And I have to say, Pinkberry’s new tropical flavors are great! They taste a lot better than the Red Mango‘s attempt at tropical flavors when it released its Tangomonium flavor about a month ago. (Red Mango is Pinkberry’s arch rival froyo shop.)

I got a tropical swirl of both passion fruit and coconut, so I could taste both flavors. I really liked passion fruit because of the strong passion fruity scent, lingering taste of yogurt, and smooth texture. But two of my other friends liked coconut more, probably because it’s sweeter and coconutty. However, it tasted less like yogurt and I thought the texture was not as nice.

Tropical swirl with mangoes & blueberries

Tropical swirl with mangoes & blueberries

I also heard that Pinkberry is introducing new seasonal fruit toppings for the summer: cherries, lychees, and oranges. In addition it has recently added some syrups to its arsenal of toppings: pomegranate juice, caramel, and honey. Red Mango should really get its game on, because right now it seems like right now Pinkberry is winning the race!

Grade: A-/A

Conclusion: I’m really liking the new flavors!

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New York, NY 10001-3801
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(212) 695-9631

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