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Devon & Blakely

After seeing plenty of restaurants and delis I wanted to go to the last time I visited the Financial Center, Unnie and I couldn’t want to go there for lunch again.

Originally we had planned to go to Yushi, but since its lunch selection was not ready during our lunch period (which should actually be called “brunch period” since we have the earliest lunch period) so we went to Devon & Blakely instead.

Devon & Blakely

At first I had my doubts that it could possibly surpass Cosi, but man was I really in for a surprise! The turkey wrap I bought was the best I have ever eaten. Although the veggies weren’t as fresh as the ones at Blue Spoon, they were crisp and full of turkey savoriness! It was oozing with a refreshingly delicious vinaigrette, and in between the layer of flour tortillas (it was wrapped around twice), there was a layer of cream cheese, which added a nice creamy touch, complementing the crispness of the veggies and tenderness of the meat. It was amazing.

amazing turkey wrap!

Amazing Turkey Wrap!

Unnie got a chicken mozzarella tomato sandwich, which I did not taste but looked quite amazing as well. The nice man at the counter heated it up for her. Unnie said it was delicious!

Chicken Mozzarella Tomato Sandwich

Chicken Mozzarella Tomato Sandwich

Grade: A

Conclusion: Maybe I just ordered the right thing on the first try, but that wrap really left an impression! I would love to come back here again. Finally, fresh healthy sandwiches that actually have taste!! Prices were not bag either; the range was about $5-10 I believe.

Location: Map

3 World Financial Ctr
New York, NY 10281-1013
Get Directions

(212) 240-7450

Other Opinions:

Yelp Hmm that’s odd…Devon & Blakely doesn’t have as much publicity as I had expected…Well it’s good, so you all should go and write reviews about it!!

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