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Red Mango Goes Orange!

Ok, so I know this news is a bit old but… Red Mango has a new flavor!!! It’s called Tangomonium, probably the most creative flavor name in the history of froyo (frozen yogurt) flavor names.

Small Tangomonium

Small Tangomonium

I decided to get a small size without toppings, so I could taste the pure Tangomonium flavor. I thought it was alright, but not as good as the Original. Oniichan, on the other hand, couldn’t tell the difference between the new flavor and the Original. Chwis and Danishee also seemed to like the Original more.

I suppose this is because the Tangomonium does indeed taste a lot like the Original, only sweeter with a hint of orange/tropical. I couldn’t really taste the mango though, and the fruit flavor was quite subtle on the first scoop, but became more apparent in the aftertaste.

I suppose Tangomonium is refreshing, but it’s quite a disappointment compared to the other flavors. (I recommend Green Tea & Pomegranate though!)

More Tangomonium

Grade:  B-/B

Conclusion: Since Red Mango is one of my favs, I expected a lot more from Tangomonium…But while it doesn’t match up to the other flavors, Tangomonium still make a great healthy treat!

Location: Map

63 W 14th St
New York, NY 10011
(Although the Red Mango I went to was in Union Square, there are plenty of other stores in the city, so keep your eyes peeled for one!)
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