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Feta-Spinach Pretzel!

Also yesterday while Lili and I were cramming for AP Microeconomics at Barnes & Noble, we grabbed a bite at the corresponding Starbucks.

From personal experience, I know that the food at the Starbucks/B&N near Chambers Street is very good, particularly the cheesecake (freshly made from Cheesecake Factory) and pretzels. However, I never tried the Feta Spinach Pretzel before, and Lili recommended it.

Feta-Spinach Pretzel

Feta-Spinach Pretzel

It was quite delicious, especially since the Starbucks people heat it up for you, so that when you bite into it, the melted cheese blends nicely with the spinach. Also, there was more spinach than cheese, so it was gooey without being heavy. The dough was also soft and chewy though I wish there was less dough and more filling, because the pretzel was on the bland side.

Feta-Spinach Pretzel Innards

Feta-Spinach Pretzel Innards (Ok, so this picture is a bit blurry...blame it on my poor-quality camera!!)

Grade: B/B+

Conclusion: Delicious

Location: Map

97 Warren St
New York, NY 10007
Get Directions

(212) 587-5389

Note: The Starbucks I’m referring to is actually inside the Barnes & Noble.

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